PE and Sports Grant

Prendergast Primary School - PE and Sports Grant 2016/2017

The purpose of this grant is to improve the provision of PE and sport so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles.

Prendergast Primary funding: £3444

PE Provision at Prendergast Primary School

The school uses funds to deliver extra-curricular provision including free and subsidied clubs for:

Gymnastics £556

Ballet £556

Healthy Lifestyles £556

This has enabled all pupils to have access to high quality teaching in these areas, resulting in a greater understanding of healthy lifestyles and a high level of performance.

The school will be purchasing bicycles for a lunchtime/after school cycling club £700

The school fund a sports coach to teach athletics which results in a high level of performance £360

The school have purchased specialist gymnatic equipment suitable for younger pupils.

High quality provision of PE equipment and specialist support is evaluated regularly in order to ensure sustainable impact.